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ReTag Post-Extension 0.11 for UTW (dont use anymore!)

This Plugin is no longer being updated. Please update your Weblog zu WP 2.3 and use the great SimpleTags-Plugin. There is a Page for Massediting which does exactly what I did and better!

Note for german readers: Zielgruppengerecht ist dieses Post ausnahmsweise in englisch.

New Version 0.11 — see below.

I use the Ultimate Tag Warrior-Plugin for WordPress here at flyingsparks and at and its a great tool!

But there was one thing I really needed: An easy and fast way to review and change the tags of my posts.

And since I needed to spend some time with different things than scoutpress here it is:



Put the PHP-File in your UTW-Plugin-Directory and activate it. Go to the Manage-Menu and find „ReTag" next to the UTW-Tag-Menu.

Note: This Extension needs UTW to run of course.



Thats what I would like to see in this extension some day. Unfortunatelly I dont know how to implement it. Hopefully someone of you will work on this…

To Be Checked

This is the 0.11-Release so please have a close look if you find any error. There are quite some things that should be optimized. Please help to improve this extension and send your code via eMail.

Here is some stuff that has to be checked


ReTag Posts-Extension

This is the new version. Here is what the PHP-File tells you about it:

 * Plugin Name: Ultimate Tag Warrior: ReTag Post-Extention
 * Plugin URI:
 * Description: Extention for UTW2 that allows you to edit the tags of multiple post at the same time. Based on Christine Davis UTW. 
 * Version: 	0.11
 * Author: 		Tobias Jordans
 * Author URI:
 * Changelog
 * - Version 0.11
 * 		- compatible to UTW3-1415WP2
 * 		- solved problem that changes are not saved the first time you edit your tags
 *  	- some wording changed
 *  	- uncommented the 'tags of related posts' since it didnt work < -- if someone knows why, please help
 * Wishlist
 * - A way to filter posts by tag. Look at line 279 -- doent work yet :-(


[tag]plugin, wordpress, php, programmierung, code[/tag]

25 Kommentare

  1. Basic Thinking Blog » Extension für Ultimate Tag Warrior ( 25.06.06 17:55 Direktlink

    […] nennt sich ReTag Post-Extension for UTW und kann was: * list the last 15 posts with title, id, date, author, permalink and body together with your tagcloud and your current tags * prev-next-navigation * you can change the tags of all 15 post in one step and save all the change with one click […]

  2. Dave FordeNo Gravatar ( 21.08.06 2:47 Direktlink

    I tried your plug in and got the following error:

    Warning: main(ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/profecti/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior-retag-posts.php on line 12

    Warning: main() [function.include]: Failed opening ‚ultimate-tag-warrior-core.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:.:.:.:.') in /home/profecti/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior-retag-posts.php on line 12

    Warning: main(ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/profecti/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior-retag-posts.php on line 13

    Warning: main() [function.include]: Failed opening ‚ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php:.:.:.:.') in /home/profecti/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior-retag-posts.php on line 13

    any ideas what went wrong?

  3. TJNo Gravatar ( 21.08.06 10:22 Direktlink

    Hi Dave.
    Cannot tell you at the moment?
    Do you have the latetest UTW up and running?
    And an current WP (2.0.2+)?

    As far as I remember I use the UTW-Include-PHP to do the includes so this should be fine.
    Would have to look closer with these information.

  4. Marius G. MatishekNo Gravatar () 01.09.06 18:10 Direktlink

    very useful plugin…

    In my case I have to re-tag twice every 15 posts in order to be memorised. I don't know why :)

  5. MerlinNo Gravatar ( 02.09.06 19:52 Direktlink

    Re Dave's problem: make sure you have installed the ReTag plugin in the UTW directory; I had it one level up („wp-content/plugins/") and got the same error.

  6. TJNo Gravatar ( 05.09.06 23:18 Direktlink

    @Merlin: Thanks!

    @Marius: interesting behaviour… no clue why :)

  7. oo8ooニルチル ( 13.09.06 13:13 Direktlink

    [retag][plugin][UTW]ReTag Post-Extension for UTW – flying sparksをなんとなく解説。…

    ReTag Post-Extension for UTW Note for german readers: Zielgruppengerecht ist dieses Post ausnahmsweise in englisch. I use the Ultimate Tag Warrior-Plugin for WordPress here at flyingsparks and at and its a great tool!
    ReTag Post-Extension …

  8. TJNo Gravatar ( 20.09.06 17:48 Direktlink

    New Version.
    @Marius: this will solve your problem!

  9. Basic Thinking Blog » Wordpress-Plugin: Retag UTW ( 21.09.06 22:30 Direktlink

    […] Flying Sparks bietet ein interessantes Zuatzplugin für Ultimate Tag Warrior (WordPress-Tagging Plugin). Mit ReTag kann man recht einfach Tags nachbearbeiten. Leider, leider für mich nicht einsetzbar. Denn vom Prinzip her werden die letzten 15 Postings angezeigt, die dort vergebenen Tags und daneben alle Tags, die man jemals vergeben. Nun kann man sich bildlich vorstellen, wie das ausschaut, wenn 15 Postings und jeweils 1447 Tags geladen werden. Auf einem Bildschirm. Der Browser wäre fast vor lauter Links abgeschmiert :) […]

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    […] 日本語版のダウンロードページ […]

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    […] ReTag – gyors pótlási lehetőség tagekkel elmaradottaknak. Ultimate Tag Warrior kiegészítő lusta wordpressgazdáknak. (Avagy, miért is nincs mass edit lehetőség…) […]

  12. Just Thinkin’ » Blog Archive » UTW–A Quick Follow UP ( 09.01.07 3:17 Direktlink

    […] She also suggested the retag-post-extension-for-utw plugin which I installed and found that it helps immensely in tagging and re-tagging posts. More on this later but for anyone new to using UTW, once you get it up and running with no glitches and are faced with the task of adding tags to all your previous posts, this is the plugin you want. many thanks Christine. […]

  13. Just Thinkin’ » Blog Archive » A Fat Sidebar ( 10.01.07 0:02 Direktlink

    […] Actually it was quite a relief seeing how I had been mucking about with that marvelous UTW plugin and the Re-tag extension that works alongside of it. Thought I had inadvertently messed something up again I did. […]

  14. Kirk MNo Gravatar ( 24.01.07 19:46 Direktlink

    First i have to say I really appreciated the convenience offered by your fine plugin. It made tagging so much easier.

    Unfortunately, once I upgraded to WordPress 2.1, the plugin no longer functioned and I had to deactivate it. In short, the ‚Re-Tag' page under the ‚Manage Menu' only would show the first page of recent posts and the ‚Previous Entries' does not work. Although the link URL indicates that it's linking to the next set of pages, it still only returns the first page of posts.

    I tried to include the returned URL's in this comment before but the comment was rejected, apparently for that reason.

    I really miss the features of this great plugin so if you ever get a chance to test it out in WordPress 2.1 and come up with a workaround, that would be great. I do not know how to code per say but I have no problem following instructions and hacking the code.


  15. Just Thinkin' ( 24.01.07 19:51 Direktlink

    WordPress 2.1 Running Smoothly but a Few Bugs In Admin…

    I'm really quite please how smooth the upgrade to WordPress 2.1 went. Once I had read the upgrade instructions a dozen times and accomplished all the upgrades from 2.0.5 on of course. Ok, so I'm a slow study but practice makes perfect and I…

  16. Sergio PinnaNo Gravatar ( 03.02.07 9:18 Direktlink

    Don't work with wordpresss 2.1. Why?

    Bye, Sergio.

  17. After The Dot Net » Blog Archive » links for 2007-02-23 ( 24.02.07 19:51 Direktlink

    […] ReTag Post-Extension 0.11 for UTW – flying sparks (tags: plugin wordpress UTW tagging meta tag) […]

  18. TJNo Gravatar ( 09.04.07 9:22 Direktlink

    Hi Sergio, sorry, didnt test it with 2.1 yet. There will be a version for 2.1… but it'll take some time!

  19. WP Plugins DB » Plugin Details » Ultimate Tag Warrior: ReTag Post-Extention ( 07.07.07 7:39 Direktlink

    […] Visit […]

  20. JohanNo Gravatar ( 23.08.07 10:14 Direktlink

    Sehr praktisch! But it seems that the „Previous posts" link is not working. In my install the linked URL includes a long list of seemingly irrelevant stuff (tags that I use, actually), like this:

  21. TJNo Gravatar ( 23.08.07 10:29 Direktlink

    Johan: Which WP-Version do you use? I belive they did some changes to the prev-next-function in 2.x and I didnt test it since 2.0.x…

  22. JohanNo Gravatar ( 23.08.07 17:33 Direktlink

    I use WordPress 2.2.1.

  23. TJNo Gravatar ( 02.02.08 13:17 Direktlink

    Update: This Plugin is not updated anymore. Please read the note at the top of the post!

  24. LowNo Gravatar () 29.08.09 15:33 Direktlink

    das waren noch alte zeiten mit 2.1, jetzt ist schon 2.8.4 draußen und trotzdem gibt es noch viele fehler -.-

    //Edit: URL entfernt, SEO Spam? Sorry!

  25. Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin for Dummies « Lorelle on WordPress ( 12.08.17 5:43 Direktlink

    […] Flying Sparks – ReTag Post Extension Plugin for UTW: Adds a ReTag menu to your Manage Panel to view the last 15 posts with along with your current post tags and site cloud map, allowing changing of the tags on the posts and fast saving. It also features next and previous navigation. […]

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